Thursday, 22 January 2015

BPM Process : Revolutionise your Sales and Marketing

        A well-designed BPM solution has the ability to support a company’s sales and marketing teams by providing them with process-driven applications that save valuable resources and time. It can also streamline the pre-sale process, provide prospective customers with prompt answers, and enable
employees to quickly respond to changing customer demands. Examples of sales and marketing BPM workflows include customer inquiries, promotional campaigns, product launches and sales process management, as well as developing, responding to and approving proposals and bids.

The Challenge

  • Stand out in the competitive B2C industry
  • Get the right marketing message to the customer at the right time
  • Achieve an automated event-driven marketing department

Arguably, the business-to-consumer marketplace is the most competitive industry to operate in. Profit margins can be negotiable and customers are ruthless when it comes to their loyalty to a given provider. As a result, it is imperative for any marketing department or indeed company to procure and utilise proactive process and technology to intuitively communicate with customers when your business or business events make it conducive for profitable growth.

The marketplace in this day and age is about getting the marketing message to the customer when the timing is right and before one’s competitors, this is virtually impossible to achieve without involved market research, so the desire to achieve a true event driven marketing focus is immense.

The Solution

  • Automatically email targeted marketing shots to existing clients
  • Eliminate manual intervention from the process
  • Enable marketing team to focus on additional revenue generating activities

The everyday practice of database marketing is evolving continuously and companies are investing significant sums of capital into training their staff and providing leading edge technology to drive business.

Yet, the B2C marketplace is so dynamic and multi-faceted that windows of opportunity can often pass by before the company’s employee has the opportunity to react. Indeed, it can take a considerable amount of time to manually query a database and retrieve the relevant segment of customer data, format that into a HTML document and send it via email.

The automation of this time consuming process but important revenue-generating employee activity is paramount, as once it’s been achieved it will eradicate the slow human-led process of sending targeted marketing shots to existing clients. The business benefits of this are twofold:  profits increase through more efficient marketing and the attributed cost to this activity decreases.

Clearly, having the ability to create marketing messages automatically constructed and delivered to specific clients depending on what they’ve previously purchased or business events, such as a change to price, is a real advantage. The process automation of a rather time consuming element of this particular aspect of marketing execution allows the marketing team to focus on additional revenue generating opportunities. From a company perspective this is of course is a huge positive, as the process, which are now fully automated will not make mistakes and will work 24 hours a day.

The Results

  • Profits increased and costs reduced due to automation of marketing emails
  • Improved customer service
  • Telephone calls and paper usage reduced
  • Real time information available

Within both the B2C and B2B markets comes the administrative expense and responsibility of delivering excellent customer service. As a result, businesses still manually send order/despatch confirmations, order delays, feedback requests or refund confirmations to ensure high service levels.

Once these processes are automated and your company is no longer wasting time or money on such activities then the majority of day-to-day costs incurred by a company are driven by the processing and supporting of the sale itself and a great deal of materials and employees can be absorbed. Processes such as order confirmations or delivery updates are automated thus ensuring 100% job completion whilst reducing telephone calls and paper usage.

The dynamic delivery of these documents will help your company to further enhance your excellent reputation for customer service and the stride towards a paperless office environment can only be welcomed as an excellent added bonus.


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