Monday, 22 June 2015

SF1 shows there's plenty of enthusiasm for Salesforce

We went along to a conference all about Salesforce a couple of weeks ago. SF1 was a huge gathering of vendors, developers and experts that focused on the best ways for people to:
  • get more value out of their CRM systems
  • expand what they use their systems for
  • use their systems to solve specific problems with their businesses in other areas

The people at SF1 talked about using CRM systems as a focal point around which other business activity should be built. CRM activity should be built into each stage of the marketing and sales process, especially as more and more people are working outside of the office.

People thought that without consistent processes, CRM systems aren't any use. So it's also really important to make sure that users get a good experience. And - again, because so many people are working in different places - the experience on smartphones and tablets is the same as it is on the desktop. This is the best way to make using the CRM system part of normal working practices.

Finally, we were left with a question about how the industry should innovate, especially as the economy has started to turn around. How should companies capitalise on opportunities to grow and steal a march on their competition?

The consensus from SF1 attendees was that the best way to do this was by using your CRM systems better than other people use theirs. Part of this involved automating some elements of the CRM process so it was quicker and easier, and part of this involved developing new features that would expand what the system was capable of.

Mark Ghahramani, one of our business development managers who attended SF1, said, 'It was a great event. I think we all learned a lot about the future of CRM and about how improving your systems can make a real difference to your bottom line.'

If your CRM system isn't up to scratch, get in touch now and we'll discuss how we can help you.


  1. Informative article. Helped a lot as I used it during Salesforce course in Chennai for my students. Thank you, keep writing.


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