Wednesday, 26 August 2015

ATTENTION: You no longer can change your mobile network provider in the UK

The following horror story comes from our consultant, Artur Oganov.

I don't know if I've been the victim of poor customer relationship management or a strange new marketing strategy.

Let me explain. I've been trying to change my mobile network for about two weeks. If you've ever done it, you'll know the first step is to get a PUK code. This is a PIN number that keeps your SIM card safe, and links your mobile number to a particular SIM.

So I thought I'd head down to my local store, get the code and be done in no more than an hour. How wrong I was. The store employees couldn't help me, but they gave me a number to call.

I have called this number. I've called it every. Single. Day. For two weeks. I've called about 10 times a day at all hours, and I've never got through to the department I need. And not just a quick minute here and there, I've been waiting for ages. I must've made hundreds of calls and wasted countless hours.

I've even tried getting around the problems by calling a different department and asking for help. But all they could do is transfer me - more waiting! And all of it with a soundtrack of pop music and periodic messages like ‘we are working hard to improve our network’ and ‘you are now in the queue’. Very tedious.

I began to think this was deliberate. After all, if your customers never leave, your business looks a lot more successful than it is. I'm starting to believe my network think they can string me out long enough to get a few more monthly payments, or maybe even convince me to give up with switching altogether! Not gonna happen.

It's clear that this approach isn't working on me, and I doubt it would work on anyone else. When a customer decides to leave, you need to either convince them to stay with the quality of your service, or else let them go quickly and easily. An angry customer can be worse than no customer at all.

If you've ever had problems leaving Three or another mobile network, let us know in the comments. And help me out by sharing this post so they fix their terrible service!

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