Thursday, 8 October 2015

What's the future for technology in business?

A recent study from Quinstreet Enterprise suggests that business leaders have identified Business Process Management, along with security and smart technology as their main focus for 2015.

What's more surprising, perhaps, is that they say that cloud and mobile technology is already mainstream and that companies need to look elsewhere to innovate.

Companies say that a lack of resources for IT and the fact that information technology is always getting more complicated the two major problems they have to deal with in the IT field.

We'll focus on BPM, which 22% of the 250 executives surveyed listed as their next major IT initiative.

According to the report, 'BPM is an investment that promotes automation and can help with cost cutting and controlling headcounts.' In this time of economic uncertainty, the latter two points are critical for all businesses, not just in the IT sector. As budgets decrease, being able to "do more with less" has become the mantra not just of the public sector, but the private sector too.

Our consultant, Artur Oganov, gave us his thoughts: 'The decline in cloud and mobile investment suggests that the data from those things is going to be pushed into companies' processes through BPM. Businesses will be able to automate more of their processes and improve their customer services. The fact that BPM makes businesses cheaper to run is also an important factor. Once you've laid out the money for cloud infrastructure, you have to make that money work for you and BPM can do that.'