Monday, 5 October 2015

Who's the latest challenger to Salesforce?

Today we're going to look at Base, a CRM startup who recently raised investment of $30m (£19.7m) to help it grow and challenge market leader

The advantages that Base has are few, but significant. It's a much smaller operation, so it's more agile and more easily able to adapt and make changes to meet changing customer demands. This has included geolocation on its mobile app, so you can see which businesses are near you, and what they're looking for.

Base focuses most of its work on the Cloud and the idea of Software as a Service. These two ideas have been critical for CRM in the last few years, and will only become more important. They're the foundation of Base's operation, but not Salesforce's.

Base lets users make calls from any device, including web browsers, and capture the information from them automatically. This simple innovation saves a lot of time.

Base takes itself seriously as a challenger to Salesforce. Its CEO, Uzi Shmilovici, has always made it clear that he wants his company to replace Saleforce.That's why Base, unlike many startups, hasn't tried to undercut Salesforce on price. He doesn't want to undersell his product, and that builds customer confidence.


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